Academic Division

1. Under the guidance of relevant functional departments, overall planning, organizing and coordinating the building of medical disciplines and scientific research, formulating and organizing to implement plans of medical disciplines building and development of research and other management regulations.

2. Be responsible for the integration and coordination of the resources of medical disciplines, the development of key disciplines and interdisciplinary subjects, organizing and coordinating to select and apply for key medical disciplines at all levels.
3. Be responsible for the planning, applying and implementing of the construction projects of ¡°Project 211¡±, ¡°Project 985¡± and ¡°2011 Plans¡± in Norman Bethune Health Science Center.
4. Be responsible for the organizing, applying, and managing government-sponsored projects, projects commissioned by other enterprises and public institutions, international cooperation projects and projects of Jilin university.
5. Be responsible for managing medical scientific research achievements and organizing the application of awards.
6. Be responsible for the construction and management of all types of scientific research platforms and scientific research institutions.
7. Organize and coordinate large-scale academic exchange activities.
8. Be responsible for the management of medical research funding and scientific research files.
9. Be responsible for the general work of the Academic Committee and the building of study style.
10. Be responsible for other tasks assigned by the leaders.