Hospital Management Division

1. Be responsible for macro-management of the hospitals, organizing the implementation of policies, rules and regulations of national healthcare work, organizing to enact the development strategies and plans of the hospitals of Jilin university, planning and coordinating of the healthcare reform in Jilin university;

2. Be responsible for the overall planning of the operation and supervision of affiliated hospitals, organizing the check and evaluation of the operation and management of affiliated hospitals, and meeting with relevant departments of the university to supervise the economic management of these hospitals;

3. Be responsible for the administrative management, techniques construction, service management of health care, and operational guidance, supervision, management, and evaluation of quality management of the affiliated hospitals;

4. Be responsible for the overall planning, coordination, guidance and evaluation of standardized training after graduation for clinical medical staff of Jilin university, organizing the standardized training of resident doctors and the operational training for administrative staff;

5. Overall planning the statistical work of the operation information and healthcare service information of affiliated hospitals, and guidance and standardization of informationization construction of campus hospitals.

6.Overall planning and coordination of mandatory tasks assigned by administrative departments at all levels, such as emergency rescue and treatment and providing medical support for rural areas and Tibet;

7. Be responsible for medical service management related to persons in Jilin university who are given first-level healthcare (including persons whose healthcare treatment are based on the formers, standard);

8. Coordinate with relevant departments to implement supervision, check and evaluation of the construction of professional ethos in the hospitals;

9. Be responsible for the coordination with relevant administrative departments in and out of the university to complete the management work related to hospitals;

10. Be responsible for communication and coordination with relevant associations, societies and other academic bodies, and organizing research and academic exchanges in hospital management;

11. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders of Jilin University and hospital management committee of Jilin University.