Student Cultivation Division

1. Supplement teaching management regulations and documents that are suitable for medical students training; improve and establish an effective medical teaching management system under the framework of the university teaching administration system.

2. Overall management under the leadership of the school on whole medical teaching processes, including teaching plan, teaching operation, teaching evaluation, teaching quality control, practice teaching management and teaching reform, etc. to ensure the stability of medical education order and to improve teaching quality.

3. Assist university with promoting medical education research, teaching reform projects, nurture and recommendation of teaching achievement and related work.

4. Assist university with managing undergraduate students registration records, academic records, and recommending postgraduate candidates exempt from admission exam.

5. Assist university with trainings on teaching abilities and professional development, and accrediting teaching qualification for teachers from Norman Bethune Health Science Center.

6. Assist university with establishing enrollment plans and organizing re-examination of medical postgraduates.

7. Assist university with selecting medical graduates-to-be for successive master-doctor program, revising training scheme, setting curriculum, arranging teaching schedules and managing academic records for medical postgraduates; assist university with enacting graduate training scheme, inspecting mid-term examination and carrying out innovation programs of graduate training.

8. Assist university with application for medical degrees authorization, supervisor selection, degree granting, further education by taking medical courses, and application for masters degree of in-service staff with the same educational levels, evaluation of medical degree and graduate education, and general work of Academic Degrees Committee.

9. Assist university with management of medical graduates registration records, ideological education, construction of Party and Youth League organizations, medical insurance, student loans, awards evaluation, and selection of state-funded students and staff studying abroad, and work related to employment of medical graduates.

10. Under the guidance of relevant functional departments, select supervisors of medical doctoral students, master students, and the annual review of the qualifications of supervisors for graduate student enrollment.

11. Assist university with setting medical undergraduate programs and making the annual enrollment plans, proposing and demonstrating scheme on majors setting, scale adjusting, new majors application and students training planning.

12. Manage international students from enrollment to graduation including teaching, registration and degrees granting.

13. Assist university with other work related to teaching in Norman Bethune Health Science Center.